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Our story

Real Hearing

was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, in response to the needs of the arbitration forum, striving to adapt arbitration to the new circumstances.

It was launched by Cecilia Flores Rueda FCIArb, who took the best of her more than 25 years of experience in arbitration, acting as Secretary General of CANACO, counsel, and arbitrator in multiple arbitration cases under various rules of procedure, to make it THE full-service provider for arbitration hearings that the arbitral forum deserves.


Virtual Hearings

At Real Hearing,

we advise on the most appropriate platform and technology for each case and provide technical support so that the hearing runs smoothly.

360° Cameras

Is the expert witness's hand shaking?
Did the lawyer wink at the witness?
With our 360º cameras nothing is missed.

LIVE and Post Hearing Transcripts

Fast and accurate transcription services

for the arbitral tribunal and counsel to review the hearing.

Audio and video recording

Audio and video recording

for the arbitral tribunal and counsel to review the hearing as many times as needed.

Language Interpretation

Simultaneous or consecutive interpretation

with a professional as required.

Legal Translations

We have certified translators

to translate evidence and other documents.

With Real hearing

focus on your case

Plan your next

virtual hearing in-person hearing hybrid hearing shareholders’ meeting cross-examination business meeting webinar workshop

Take a look at the differences between virtual, hybrid, and in-person hearings.

virtual hearing

hybrid hearing

in-person hearing


Campaign Greener Arbitrations

We are proud to announce

we are now an institutional supporter of the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations: The Green Pledge by signing ‘The Green Pledge’.

The campaign aims to reduce the carbon footprint of international arbitrations through behavioural change. We look forward to supporting this initiative and make a positive impact on the environment.


Real Hearing collaborates

with the Iberoamerican Arbitration Review, CIAR Global.

CIAR GLOBAL has 25,000 USERS AND 80,000 VISITS/MONTH around the world, especially in the Ibero-American region. The publication was born thanks to the sponsorship of the Ibero-American Arbitration Center, CIAR.


We are extremely happy to announce Real Hearing´s recent collaboration with ArbitralWomen, an international non-governmental organisation with the primary objective of advancing the interests of women and promoting female practitioners in international dispute resolution.



Cecilia Flores Rueda, FCIArb


Technical Area

This amazing “problem solvers” team provides technology assistance and technical support during all of our virtual hearings to avoid any setback.

Legal Area

Our attorneys take care of the transcripts and legal translations.

Alfredo García


Pablo Federico


Anatol Álvarez Ibarra

Digital Marketing

Dejan Sankovic

English Transcript


for Virtual Hearings


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