Preparation Form

1. Full name of the parties
2. Names of the members of the Arbitral Tribunal
3. Name of the Secretary of the Arbitral Tribunal (optional):
4. Arbitration Rules:
5. Case number:
6. Procedural order(s) on the hearing:
7. Dates in which the hearing will be held and timetable:
8. Kind of hearing:
9. Hearing language:
Hearing language:
Language of the examinations
10. Live transcript
Email addresses of those who will have access to the live transcript:
Real Hearing will then send them a username and password so that on the day of the hearing they will have access to the live transcript, which they can do from:
11. Sending of the transcript
Rough transcript, at the end of each hearing day:
Revised transcript 15 business days after the hearing has concluded:
12. Additional comments:
13. Name of person filling out form
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